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We provide you with accurate, impartial and professional debt solutions
We provide you with accurate, impartial and professional debt solutions

Debt Management Plan

  • Need help with a Debt Management Plan?
  • Everything you need to know about this debt solution is available here.
  • Understand if it is right for you and what it will cost.
  • Get advice and information on how to get started.

Protected Trust Deed

  • Thinking about starting a Trust Deed?
  • Find out everything you need to know about this type of debt solution.
  • How much debt is written off and what will you have to pay?
  • If you want to get started here's how.


  • Trying to decide if Bankruptcy is the right thing for you?
  • Find out what really happens and how you could benefit.
  • What really happens to things like your car and your home?
  • Step by step guide for declaring yourself Bankrupt.

Debt Arrangement Scheme

  • Need help with a Debt Arrangement Scheme?
  • All the information you need about this debt solution is available here.
  • Understand the costs involved and if it is suitable for you.
  • Get advice and information on how to get started.
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If I do a Trust Deed will my partner have to pay my debt

Your partner is not responsible for paying your debts if you start a Trust Deed. Do you have to disclose your partner's income? What happens to joint debts?

What happens if I receive inheritance during a Trust Deed

A inheritance payment received during a Trust Deed must be paid into the Arrangement. Will the Arrangement finish early? Can you keep any of the inheritance?

How do I pay my utility bills in Sequestration?

You are responsible for paying your ongoing utility bills if you go Bankrupt. How do you make these payments? What if you are in arrears with any of your bills?

Can I claim for PPI mis-selling after my Trust Deed has finished?

You can claim for PPI mis-selling after your Trust Deed is finished. Can you delay your claims until you are discharged? What if the banks refuse to pay you?

Our Team

Are you struggling with debt? Would you like to get the right solution in place to sort the problem out once and for all? My team and I are here to help you do just that.

James Falla, Managing Director My name is James Falla and I am the Managing Director here at BeatMyDebt. I have over fifteen years of experience working with people and small businesses to solve their debt problems. During this time I have helped 1000s of individuals to get out of financial difficulty by using Debt Arrangement Schemes, Trust Deeds and Bankruptcy (Sequestration).

I write many of the articles published on this website and am the author of the well received book about dealing with debt: IVA, Bankruptcy and Other Debt Solutions.

On numerous occasions I have also been called upon to offer my experience about resolving personal debt problems on television and radio programmes such as the BBC 1 o’clock news, Sky News and BBC Radio’s Wake Up to Money.

I am hands on and work directly with many of our clients. In this way I make sure the service we provide is reliable so you can trust and count on us to ensure that you become debt free as soon as possible.

Please use the resources on this site or call us on 0800 077 6180 for more advice.


  • "Bankruptcy Advice

    ...I found James's assistance invaluable especially his attention to detail including form filling. He is extremely professional and separates all the facts from fiction. James has gone out of his way to help me. Thanks you very much, I would have no hesitation in recommending James and Beat my debt."


  • "My IVA has been accepted

    ...I got the brilliant news today my IVA has been accepted - thank you so much! If I had not come across your site I would not have received such brilliant advice from you which has ultimately brought an end to my financial worries!..."


  • "PPI compensation success

    ...thank you James for helping me with my ppi clams after my iva finished. He put me in the right direction with the PPI team. It has taken a few months but i have won all my claims so far which has meant I have received £1000s in compensation..."


  • "Without a doubt Best Bankruptcy Service

    ...I felt this bankruptcy process was much more painless that I had anticipated, and I’m glad it’s behind me. I highly recommend BeatMyDebt to anyone dealing with a bankruptcy. They are knowledgeable, kind, fast and explain the process in common language..."


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