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Will changes to Scottish debt rules mean more Bankruptcies?

The Scottish Government is planning changes to debt solution rules. What are the proposed changes to Trust Deeds and Bankruptcy? Will more people go Bankrupt?

Cost of declaring bankruptcy in Scotland increases by 100%

The cost of Bankruptcy in Scotland increased to £200 on 1st June 2012

Do I have to tell my Partner if I start a Trust Deed?

You are not legally obliged to tell your partner about your Trust Deed. If living together not telling them may be difficult. What if have a jointly owned home?

If I do a Trust Deed will my partner have to pay my debt

Your partner is not responsible for paying your debts if you start a Trust Deed. Do you have to disclose your partner’s income? What happens to joint debts?

Can I stop a charging order with a Trust Deed?

A Charging order can be prevented by starting a Trust Deed. What if the application has already started? What if a Charging Order is already in place?

Consultation on Trust Deeds published

Changes to the Trust Deed debt solution in Scotland have been proposed. How will the changes affect Home Equity? Potential changes to Trust Deed fees.

What paperwork will I need to start a Trust Deed?

You must provide documents to support a Trust Deed application. What is required? How to get a free home valuation. What does your partner need to provide?

What happens if I receive inheritance during a Trust Deed

A inheritance payment received during a Trust Deed must be paid into the Arrangement. Will the Arrangement finish early? Can you keep any of the inheritance?

Can a Trust Deed help if mortgage rates go up?

A Trust Deed can help you keep your home when interest rates rise. How will it help you pay your mortgage? Is your home protected? What are the downsides?

How do I pay my utility bills in Sequestration?

You are responsible for paying your ongoing utility bills if you go Bankrupt. How do you make these payments? What if you are in arrears with any of your bills?