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How much will a Debt Arrangement Scheme cost?

Any initial advice that you receive from either on the telephone, via e-mail or on the forum is given without charge.

If you decide a DAS is right for you and want the help of Beat My Debt to implement this, you will not pay any up front fees or charges. Certain charges may apply once your DAS is up and running. However these are deducted from the money you pay into your DAS. You do not have to pay any extra to cover them.

Using a Charity

Organizations such as the CAB may employ approved money advisors and will offer to set up a DAS for free. Sometimes this can be adequate however, the waiting lists to speak to an advisor can be long.

Using a debt management company

It is possible to pay a professional organization to implement a Debt Arrangement Scheme for you. The service will be swift and efficient and the results can often reflect this. can organise a DAS service on your behalf for which you will be charged reasonable fees. The charge for setting up a DAS and running it on your behalf can be up to £2000. However, these fees are deducted from the monthly payments that you make. You do not have to find any extra money to pay these fees.

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