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If I do a Trust Deed will my partner have to pay my debt

Your partner is not responsible for paying your debts if you start a Trust Deed. Do you have to disclose your partner’s income? What happens to joint debts?

What happens if I receive inheritance during a Trust Deed

A inheritance payment received during a Trust Deed must be paid into the Arrangement. Will the Arrangement finish early? Can you keep any of the inheritance?

How do I pay my utility bills in Sequestration?

You are responsible for paying your ongoing utility bills if you go Bankrupt. How do you make these payments? What if you are in arrears with any of your bills?

Can I claim for PPI mis-selling after my Trust Deed has finished?

You can claim for PPI mis-selling after your Trust Deed is finished. Can you delay your claims until you are discharged? What if the banks refuse to pay you?