Protected Trust Deeds Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my Trust Deed is rejected?

Your Trust Deed could be rejected by your creditors. Will you be forced to go Bankrupt if this happens? What can you do if your Trust Deed is rejected?

What happens if I get a windfall while I am in a Trust Deed?

Windfalls normally have to be paid into your Trust Deed. Can you keep any part of the windfall? Will a windfall mean your Trust Deed is paid sooner?

How much will my Trust Deed payments be?

You pay as much as you can afford into your Trust Deed. You have to pay in all of your Disposable Income. Is there a minimum payment? Are the payments fixed?

What happens to my Pension if I start a Trust Deed?

Can you still pay into your pension fund if you start a Trust Deed? What if you are drawing a pension income? Can it be settled early with a pension lump sum?

Can we do a joint Trust Deed?

It is possible to start a joint Trust Deed. What if one partner only has a few debts? What if one partner earns all the income? When should they be avoided?

Are my Trust Deed payments fixed?

Your payments could change after your Trust Deed has started. What happens if your income or living expenses change? Can the length of the agreement change?