What can I do if I cannot pay my CCJ?

Is it possible to reduce your CCJ payments? Can a CCJ be overturned by using a debt solution such as a DMP, IVA or Bankruptcy?

Redundancy whilst in an IVA or DMP

How to save your IVA or DMP after redundancy with a payment holiday or reducing your payments. Can you just allow your plan to fail and go Bankrupt?

How do I pay my utility bills in Sequestration?

You are responsible for paying your ongoing utility bills if you go Bankrupt. How do you make these payments? What if you are in arrears with any of your bills?

How will Sequestration affect my credit rating?

Bankruptcy in Scotland will affect your credit rating. How long do the affects last? Can you use any credit while Bankrupt? Can you get a mortgage after Bankruptcy?

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Sequestration

Sequestration (Bankruptcy) has both advantages and disadvantages. What are the main advantages? What are the main disadvantages?

Is Sequestration suitable for me?

Whether you should use Sequestration (Bankruptcy) depends on your circumstances. How much do you owe and who to? Are you a home owner? What happens to your car?

What is Sequestration?

Sequestration is the name for personal bankruptcy if you live in Scotland. Sequestration is the way that you can deal with personal debts which you have no hope of repaying in a reasonable period of time. If you are sequestrated, you will no longer be responsible for paying your debt. You will remain in sequestration […]


Sequestration is the term used to describe Bankruptcy in Scotland. If you live in Scotland, it is the solution which can be used for dealing with unsecured debts which you are simply unable to repay in a reasonable period of time. Once you go Bankrupt you do not have to pay anything towards your debts […]