LILA Sequestration

What is LILA Sequestration (Bankruptcy) in Scotland? What are the qualification criteria? How to apply. Is it better to use a Certificate for Sequestration?

Certificate for Sequestration

What is the Certificate for Sequestration (Bankruptcy) in Scotland? How do you get one? What are the criteria? What happens after the Certificate is issued?

Sequestration Living Expenses Guide

A guide to the living expenses allowed if you go Bankrupt in Scotland. Get a copy of our comprehensive Bankruptcy living expenses guide.

How do I start Sequestration?

The process that you need to go through to go Bankrupt in Scotland. What application forms need to be completed? Who is the Bankruptcy Trustee?


Sequestration is the term used to describe Bankruptcy in Scotland. If you live in Scotland, it is the solution which can be used for dealing with unsecured debts which you are simply unable to repay in a reasonable period of time. Once you go Bankrupt you do not have to pay anything towards your debts […]

Apply for Sequestration

Beat My Debt can advise you about whether Sequestration (Bankruptcy in Scotland) is the right debt solution for you however we do not provide a specific service to help you. Once you have decided that you want to start the sequestration process, you will normally need to get a Certificate for Sequestration from an approved Money […]