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Full and Final Settlement Trust Deed

Full and final Trust Deed. Lump sum Trust Deed.A standard monthly payment Trust Deed involves making payments towards your debts every month for a period of 4 years.

However if you cannot afford to make monthly payments you can still use a form of this debt solution if you can make a lump sum of cash available. This is commonly referred to as a Full and Final Settlement or lump sum Trust Deed.

The solution is based on you making a single lump sum payment so your creditors receive their cash as a single one off amount. Once this has happened the Arrangement is completed immediately.

What are the benefits of a Full and Final settlement Trust Deed?

Trust Deed completed immediately
As soon as the lump sum is paid, the TD is closed and you are left to get on with your life debt free.

More debt written off
Because your creditors receive their payment up front, they will normally agree to receive slightly less than a traditional 48 month payment Trust Deed.

Future increases in income and windfalls yours to keep
Once the agreed lump sum has been paid the arrangement comes to an end immediately. Creditors can no longer demand increased payments if your financial circumstances improve at a later date and if you receive a windfall such as a compensation payment this is yours to keep.

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How much will I have to pay into a Full and Final Settlement Trust Deed?

The amount of lump sum required for a full and final settlement TD will depend on the amount that you owe.

When making the proposal to your creditors, your insolvency practitioner  will normally consider the amount that you would be required to pay using a normal monthly payment plan and whether there is any equity  in your property.

Normally the total lump sum you will have to pay will be less than what you would have paid using a standard monthly payment TD in light of the fact that the risk to your creditors is reduced as they are receiving payment up front and in one go.

How to get the lump sum required for a Full and Final Settlement

The key to being able to carry out a full and final settlement Trust Deed is being able to come up with a cash lump sum. There are a number of places where this might come from.

A gift or loan from family or friends
The most common source of cash particularly if you have little or no assets and no disposable income is from a third party. If a friend or family member can lend you the money this is an ideal scenario. They will simply have to prove that the funds are available and the source is reputable perhaps in the form of a bank statement before yourTrust Deed proposal is made to your creditors.

A windfall such as a redundancy payment
If you have recently received a lump sum payment this can also be used to fund a full and final settlement Trust Deed. Such a sum might have been received due to an inheritance or compensation payment. It is also possible to use part of a redundancy payment particularly as it is unlikely that you will then have an ongoing income with which to pay into an Arrangement on a monthly basis.

Equity released from your property
Up until 2008 it was common for home owners to be able to release money from their property by remortgaging which could then be used to achieve a full and final settlement Trust Deed. However more recently it has been more difficult to re-mortgage and so  this option has become far more difficult to achieve

BMD Tip: If you have borrowed the lump sum you will need to make sure you can afford to make the repayments required. Bear in mind that you will no longer have any unsecured debts and so the monthly payments to these creditors will stop.

Can I settle with a lump sum if I have already started a normal Trust Deed?

If you have already started a normal monthly payments Trust Deed , you can make an offer of early settlement to your creditors at any time. This may be possible if the value of your house has unexpectedly increased or friends or family agree to help you raise the required lump sum.

In these circumstances, your TD will be closed and you will stop making your normal monthly payments. Your creditors cannot ask you pay a lump sum and continue to make monthly payments as your disposable income will be required to repay the amount you have borrowed.

You should also bear in mind that your ability to use a windfall to settle an TD which is already up and running will depend on your circumstances. Windfalls should normally be paid into your TD in addition to the monthly payments you are making.

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